You are one click away from The SHS Class of '68 Picture Album upload/ view area. You can either just view the pictures or participate by uploading your own great images and or posting comments and stories about people and pictures in our ALBUM. This should be an interesting place for everybody after the reunion. Discover Picasa.and edit and post pictures to the SHS site with the program. Captions and comments are encouraged because sometimes the pictures need descriptions to help us remember who did what, where and when.

Upload your pictures... Contact Sheila Hartley by email and she will give you our Picasa logins for the class's album so you can post your own pictures ...Right now if you like.

Picasa is a free program which can be installed on your computer to upload and edit your images to our site (or your own free area), where anyone can view them. Let someone know if you need help.


Download Google's Picasa image software free and upload your images, either to your own personal free picture gallery (1 GB of free space on Google's Picasa), or our SHS Class of '68 site.  Google has made this easy and FREE. Trust me, you'll enjoy this program. Resistance is futile. Here' the LINK!